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Income Tax Planning and Preparation

Whether you are filing an individual or corporate tax return, tax season is really all year long when you want to minimize your tax liability.  Tax implications must be considered with every maneuver and tax returns must be carefully prepared utilizing ever-changing tax laws.

Our services include tax planning, corporate and individual tax return preparation and taxing authority representation.

  • Sales Tax Preparation
  • Financial Statements
  • Small Business Accounting & Bookkeeping
  • Payroll & Payroll Tax preparation
  • Financing Guidance 

We are committed to helping local businesses grow through improved cash flow.  We can help you:

  • Negotiate better loan rates
  • Secure bank loans more quickly
  • Understand how your financial statements are interpreted by lenders and creditors
  • Create easy-to understand financial summaries that will minimize questions or concerns from lenders and investors
  • Identify and address specific weaknesses or funding barriers

Turnaround Management

We can assess your immediate cash requirements to continue operations and then develop a plan to improve your cash flow position and profitability.
We can create detailed cash flow forecasts to identify opportunities for improvement.

We have relationships with numerous banks and can negotiate short-term payment deferrals. If needed we can assist in liquidation of assets and bankruptcy.

Business Start Up

Business planning, entity selection, accounting set up, business acquisition and financing guidance

Individuals:  We work with you to identify the important stages in your life. Our planning, investment and legacy advice is in sync with your point of view.  Our job is to help narrow your choices to those that will help make your life better.  
Whether it is planning for retirement, education for your children, legacy planning or tax planning, we know you need to stay in control of your life. Our goal is to help you work at a pace that is comfortable for you while you remain in control of all work that is done with us. 
We know you are the expert at what's important for you.  Our processes are designed to help us learn and zero in on those areas that mean the most to you as well as the ones you have energy to work on.  Below are areas where we can help you find strategies to help move toward the goals or dreams you may have:
  • Investment Management*
  • Asset Management*
  • Financial Planning*
  • Estate Planning*
  • Personal Income Tax Planning
  • Family Legacy Planning*
  • Charitable Planning*
  • Asset Protection
  • Pre and Post -Retirement Planning*
  • Insurance & Risk Management **
**Insurance  products are offered through Caywood & Associates, Inc.

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